• Introducing BIOiPLUG

    BIOiPLUG is ChunLab’s new bioinformatics cloud platform that plugs you into the world of microbiome and infectious disease research. It provides not only a collection of tools and databases, but also an environment where you can explore your NGS data to discover more insights.
  • Pioneering big microbiome analytics

    Explore, manage, and share large-scale NGS data-mining and biomarker discovery for more insights from your NGS data.
  • Utilizing powerful microbiology databases

    Reference your data with thousands of microbiome publications and our acclaimed EzBioCloud database.
  • Unlocking high-level data mining

    Access next-level data mining with standardized bioinformatic pipelines, validated databases, biomarker discovery options, and refined bioinformatic tools.

Your own bioinformatics team at your desktop

  • Store, Manage and Share

    BIOiPLUG, based on Amazon Cloud, allows you to efficiently store, manage and share your Next Generation Sequencing data.
  • Highly precise yet easy to comprehend bioinformatics

    Plug your NGS data into ChunLab's high-performance bioinformatics pipelines and enjoy interactive comparative analytics and comprehensive data visualization & browsing tools.
  • Hook into expansive microbiology databases

    ChunLab's proprietary databases cover the furthest edge of our knowledge of microbiology allowing species-level microbiome analytics, strain-level comparative genomics and much more.

Use cases


Easy to use bioinformatics
  • Microbiome research
  • Infectious disease research
  • Molecular epidemiology
  • Hospital infection control
  • Pathogen typing
  • Teaching in microbiology class


Secure and scalable analytics platform
  • Microbiome-related product development
  • Microbiology quality control (QC)
  • Probiotics R&D
  • Wastewater treatment R&D
  • Diagnostic service providers
  • Sequencing service providers

Public institutions

Better public services when needed
  • Food & Drug administration (FDA)
  • Center for disease control (CDC)
  • Biodefense
  • Food-borne pathogen
  • Public health

Everything you need for bioinformatics in microbiology