16S Identifier

BIOiPLUG's bacterial identification service provides the most accurate and
comprehensive information on your bacterial strain using its 16S rRNA sequence.
Simply upload your sequences to explore taxonomic profiles and similar genomes
to your submitted 16S rRNA sequences and generate phylogenetic trees instantly.

Easy 16S sequence
identification and management
through the web

  • Access anywhere
  • Submit up to 1,000 sequences at once
  • Store and manage your identified data

Accurate, up-to-date insights
at a glance

  • Identify your sequence using our high-resolution EzBioCloud 16S DB
  • View a comprehensive list of hits and how each hit aligns to your sequence
  • Explore bacterial genomes closely related to your 16S rRNA sequence

Export your identified sequence data in multiple formats

Want to do more with your data? We've got you covered.
Export your data for integration into your own workflows and pipelines, generate phylogenetic trees and more.