Genome analysis

The Genome analysis provides fast and accurate sequence assembly and annotation.
Using most up-to-date programs and databases, our bioinformatics pipeline will lead your research to the whole new level.
Through our web-based platform, you can unleash hidden features and paper ready figures in just a few seconds.

Contamination free genome with high resolution taxonomic identification

  • All genomes are identified up to species level using both 16S rRNA and OrthoANI algorithm.
  • Contaminations are checked thoroughly using ContEst16S, CheckM, and BCG54

Navigate and visualize

  • All annotations are made highly recognized databases such as Uniprot, KEGG and SEED
  • A web-based BLAST search allows you to search your sequence of interest anytime, anywhere
  • Realtime and dynamic visualization tools are provided for free

Compare genomes to unveil hidden features,
evolutionary events and so much more!

Compare up to 50 genomes and calculate pan,core-genome right on sight.
Discover novel genomic islands, mutations, evidence for other evolutionary events.
Generate paper ready figures within a few button click on the web.