Microbiome Taxonomic Profiling

Bacterial compositions of the human microbiome and environmental samples are revealed by 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Using EzBioCloud database and sophisticated bioinformatics pipeline, you can explore taxonomic profiles and discover biomarkers within seconds through 100% web-based environment.
Cloud-based microbiome taxonomic profiling is now available.
Already got your own 16S NGS data? Please upload those here to start with the BIOiPLUG's MTP platform.

Easy management
of big data
through the web

  • Access anywhere
  • Web-based user interface
  • Manage a large number of samples
  • Securely store your valuable data

Data visualization
that makes sense

  • Generate publication-ready quality charts, box-plots, dendrograms as needed
  • Efficiently navigate taxonomic structures of complex samples from phyla to species

Big data analytics and biomarker discovery

Normalize data using 16S copy number and read counts
Carry out iterative, instantly responsive data mining by changing datasets and statistical parameters
Handle >10,000 samples without hassle
Compare your sample with public microbiome data of >10,000 samples

Discover the license for you

Various types of license are available depending on the number of possible runs and data storage as well as server capacity.
Check our license page to find a proper license which fits your project.
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